Removing a property from Fabrica requires a few simple steps and looks very similar to a typical deed recording.

First, head to the property page on the platform and click the "Start Unload" button. This sends a message to the platform to lock the property so that no additional transactions can take place on the Digital Title.

From there, the platform will help you fill out a deed granting the property out of the trust. Simply follow the prompts to enter the relevant information.

Once the deed is prepared, we'll send a notary your way to get the document signed and notarized, and then we'll record the deed.

During the walkthrough, you'll also sign a dissolution of trust document winding down the trust.

That's it. With the property deeded out and the trust dissolved, your property has been unloaded from the digital environment.

See this article for more information on the documents used to remove a property.

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