Once a property is on Fabrica--either because you loaded it, or you bought it from someone else--it can be easily be put for sale (for information on loading a property onto Fabrica, check out this series).

Find the property on your dashboard, click on Sell Property, set a price and your property is officially for sale.

Copy the buy link specific to your property and publish it online (for example, on Craigslist, Zillow, Landwatch, Facebook). You can also send the link by email to your potential buyers or ask for help from a Real Estate agent. 

The buyer will be able to click on the link, pay online and receive the property. You'll receive the payment in a snap directly in your bank account. It's simple and secure.

For information on how the platform helps you complete the paperwork for the transaction, see here.

Fabrica has recently enabled seller financing in some jurisdictions. Check out this article to learn more about selling your property under a financing contract.

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