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Why leave the traditional process behind?
Why leave the traditional process behind?

If your fax machine is your living room centerpiece, turn back now

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Why do we feel Fabrica is necessary? For starters, we wanted to figure out what’s wrong with the real estate transaction today. For example, we started to ask why 30% of all documents sent to the county recording offices of California are rejected (source) and why fees for title insurance are prohibitive on land transactions that are less than $10,000--of which there are more than 160,000 per year in the United States (source). We wanted to know why title insurance companies across the US make $19bn in profits while paying out 3-4% of their premiums in claims (source). Last, we wanted to know why many county recording offices around the country still have NO digital records, and can still be reached most quickly--and I’m not joking here--by fax.

The land transaction market is underserved by low-tech services with low customer service. We want to change that, and we’re building a platform to help you complete your transactions more efficiently and more effectively, all while having more fun doing it.

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