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What should I know to get started?
What should I know to get started?
I'm intrigued but I want to know more . . . a lot more
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First and foremost, Fabrica is a tool that lets YOU do what YOU want with YOUR property. We are not a title company, a real estate brokerage, your lawyer, your accountant or your tax advisor (though we’re happy to be your friend!). The Fabrica platform walks you through the steps required to digitize real property title and allows you to complete transactions on that title, all at your own discretion.

Still with me? Great. As mentioned, Fabrica helps you digitize title to your real estate. Paper records, recording offices, and fax machines are error-prone, particularly vulnerable to fire, and difficult to search and digest from the comfort of your own home. We’ve developed a system that lets you maintain your ownership through a secure online ledger. The process to put your property online--which we refer to as the property “load”--looks very similar to a standard real estate transaction.

In order to maintain ownership information online rather than at the county recorder, we first help you generate a trust agreement and deed your property into the trust. The form trust agreement states, generally speaking, that whoever owns the digital title connected to the trust owns and controls the trust outright. 

So, the property is held by the trust, and the owner of the digital title owns and controls the trust, and may commit any actions on the trust and on the property as they see fit. When a property owner wants to sell the property, they transfer the digital title to the purchaser, and as part of the transaction, the purchaser creates an amendment to the trust agreement making them the new owner of the digital title. The transfer requires no additional paperwork, payment is processed directly through the platform, and the whole transaction is completed at the speed of software.

Note: real estate ownership and transactions can get complicated. If you have complex issues or personal circumstances, we always recommend you discuss these with your own counsel prior to engaging in changes to your title.

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