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Why is the property held in a trust?
Why is the property held in a trust?

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Simply put, a trust is a flexible entity that allows an individual to hold property in trust for another or for his or herself. Trusts are used for a plethora of reasons, including estate planning, tax planning, wealth maintenance and a range of other possibilities. Fabrica helps you set up a trust with one simple purpose: coupling the physical title with a digital title. This allows an individual with a property to express that ownership in a simple and secure way fully online.

The Fabrica Trust setup allows a user to confidently maintain digital ownership of a piece of real property. This way, all records of ownership and transfer are maintained in a secure and accessible ledger. Additionally, if a user decides to sell the property, payment and transfer can occur instantly online.

Because the owner of the digital title, referred to in the trust agreement as the Property Owner, owns the trust outright, they are able to perform any transaction on the property as they would be able to if they owned the property--what’s called fee simple ownership.

As Fabrica continues to develop and iterate, we intend to offer functionality for peer-to-peer mortgages, digital title securitization, seller-financing, and others. If you have an idea for what you’d like to see through the Fabrica platform, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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