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Buying a property
What to look for when buying a property?
What to look for when buying a property?

How best to protect yourself and your assets

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It's always important to protect yourself in a real estate transaction. There are a few main things that a buyer should look at when using Fabrica to purchase a property. 

The first is the initial deed granting the property into the trust. This document acts as the recorded deed for the property throughout its life on the Fabrica platform, and you’ll want to ensure there are no issues with the deed and that no subsequent deeds have been recorded on the property at the county (learn more about accessing a title report through the Fabrica platform in our article on accessing free title reports through Fabrica). 

Next, a buyer should assess the history of ownership of the token. Make sure that there is a cohesive chain of ownership from the initial “grantor” of the property into the trust through the amendments that act as the sale and assignment documentation. 

If you feel that there is an issue with a title report on a property you are interested in purchasing, we always recommend you discuss this issue with your attorney. Fabrica is not a law firm, nor are we licensed as a title insurance company. We can not provide any guarantees related to the property title. In addition, Real property transactions are complicated, and there are many different types of problems that can arise in the course of purchasing property. 

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