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Adding a property
Adding a property on Fabrica
Adding a property on Fabrica

The basics

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Adding a property on Fabrica just takes following these simple steps, all performed through the platform:

1. Fill out and electronically sign the trust agreement (remember that the property owner is the sole controlling party of the trust. Fabrica has no involvement with the trust or control over the property. Learn more about the Fabrica trust here);

2. Fill out the information on the deed granting the property into the trust;

3. Schedule a mobile notary and sign and notarize the paperwork on your schedule at the location of your choosing;

4. And you’re done! Wait for the platform to do its magic--a few days to record the deed--and your property title is fully loaded into the digital universe.

As you can see, the “load” process looks very similar to a traditional real estate transaction. Once loaded, there is no paperwork, notaries or recording required for any subsequent transfers of the property.

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