There are three documents required to complete the property unload. These include a deed transferring the property out of the trust, a dissolution of trust certificate, and a preliminary change of ownership (PCOR).

Using the platform, we'll help you complete the deed and attach a dissolution of trust certificate as an exhibit to the deed. 

The language of the deed will be similar to the one used in loading the property, and it states that you as the trustee of the trust are using your powers granted in the trust agreement to transfer the property out of the trust.

The language of the dissolution of trust certificate states that you as the trustee of the trust are using those same powers to dissolve the trust.

Finally, the language of the PCOR gives the county the information it needs to determine whether a change of ownership has occurred for which tax obligations should arise. Typically, our users will transfer property out of the trust to themselves, in which case there is usually an exemption from treating the removal process as a transfer for which tax obligations will arise.

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