Sellers set the terms of the financing when they post a property for sale. When a buyer commits to purchase a property, the buyer pays the downpayment and starts paying monthly installments.

Payments are due on the 18th of the month. We use this date based on feedback from countless buyers and sellers. Late payments are subject to a fee. If payments remain delinquent, the contract accelerates, meaning that the buyer will have to pay the total sum of the outstanding balance, or default on the contract. If the default isn't cured, the contract is cancelled and the property stays with the seller.

Fabrica's system of digital title means that the buyer has no risk that the seller will renege on the contract. As long as payments are made in a timely manner, the property will change hands automatically at the end of the contract term. Also, Fabrica's automated payment system means no potential that the seller will suffer from check fraud.

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