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How much are my property taxes and where do I pay?
How much are my property taxes and where do I pay?

Property owners owe property taxes to the local county. In most counties you can pay directly online from the county website.

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When you own a property (on Fabrica or traditionally), you're responsible for paying the property taxes to the county where the property is located.

If you're buying a property with Seller Financing, the seller is responsible for paying property taxes until the moment you've fully paid the property and it's transferred to you.

Depending on the county, taxes are usually due once or twice a year and they're proportional to the assessed value of the property. These are usually reassessed when a transaction happens or increased by a small amount on a regular basis.

Most counties provide detailed information, and the ability to pay easily online directly on the county website.

To find the right website, google the name of the county and "property taxes". Search the county website for the Tax Collector section and look for a "Pay property taxes" link.

Most counties provide the ability to look for your property using the address or the APN (assessor parcel number) of your property and inspect your tax bill, next due dates and amount to pay. You'll be able to pay by credit card (with a convenience fee) and in many cases also to set up an automatic reminder emails that will help you keep your property taxes in good standing.

Assuming your property is on Fabrica, it will appear in the name of a Fabrica Trust at the county. (More information on the Fabrica Trust here)

The address at the county should reflect your current address and it allows the county to contact you for tax purposes and any other reasons. In many counties unfortunately it takes some time to get the address updated when a property is transferred and this results in tax bills that are sent to the wrong address. You're still responsible for paying the property taxes, even if your address on file is not current and you haven't received any notification! Make sure you check your tax bills periodically or set a reminder!

Should you need to get your address updated, please contact us and will help you.

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